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Mike Flanagan

<p>Congratulations Mike Flanagan from Cathedral Prep, he was nominated by Patrick Lewis.</p>

Mike Flanagan is not only one of the best teachers in Erie but one of the best men in Erie. I've had the privilege to have him as a teacher for the past three years now and he is the one that influenced me to go to college for secondary education.

Mr. Flanagan is not only a teacher but a basketball coach who is well respected by every man who walks through the halls of Prep. My two older brothers had Mr. Flanagan as well and they, as well as every student that has him, have the same feelings towards him that I do. My oldest brother had Mr. Flanagan as a basketball coach when I was in the third grade, so I've known him since then. When I first met Mr. Flanagan he asked me if I would like to be the ball boy for the team, knowing that it would mean the world to me at that age. He is such a good person that he affected my life even before I had him as a teacher.

I know that no one deserves this award more than he does, and I would do anything in the world for him to receive it because I know it would mean a lot to him. If he does win this award I would hope he would be able to receive it this year, my last year at Prep. Mike Flanagan will go down as one of Cathedral Prep's best teachers and the reason I'm writing this is to try to give him what he deserves, an award for being the great teacher that he is. I hope that this essay will make you think that he deserves this award as much as I do. Thank you for your time.

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