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Mondy, Melissa

Congratulations Melissa Mondy from Fairview Elementary, she was nominated by Alexa Tofel and David Tofel. 

We would like to nominate Mrs. Melissa Mondy for a Golden Apple award.  She has an unmatched energy and enthusiasm which gets passed on to all of her students.

There are many ways she qualifies for this award.  The first example is the Thanksgiving play she helped her students put on for the parents.  This was not part of the normal curriculum at the school. She spent hours of extra time after school and on weekends.   She recruited her mother to help her make some of the costumes and the set.  She also had help from her husband who encouraged and supported her and her extra work hours.  I think she even surprised herself when she saw the room packed with parents the day of the show.  It was a huge success!

Another example is the family night where she invited all the parents and students to come in their pajamas and enjoy a reading of "The Polar Express".  She set up several activities for the students and parents and even set up a visit from Santa.  All the students loved it!

The best part about her is she does all of this in a quiet and unassuming way.  She acts as though she is just doing her job, but she goes above and beyond in every way.  She could take the easy road out, but she chooses to give her best and this mind-set I believe is felt by her students who try so hard and want to give her their best.

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