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Mr. Callaghan

Congratulations Mr. Callaghan from Harding Elementary.  He was nominated by Abbey Urbanski, Nita Prody, Mandie Steele and Josh Brady. 

At the beginning of the year we all were intimidated by our math teacher Mr. Callaghan.  But, as the year progressed, we found out that he is the best math teacher we've ever had.

Thanks to Mr. Callaghan, we are prepared for our 9th grade year and are doing better in math that we ever have been.  He's tough on us and some people think of him as a "mean teacher", but it's what made us stronger and more determined. Because he pushes us to the point that we didn't think could be reached.  Not only is he a great teacher, but also he's got a great sense of humor.  He always has a straight face but knows how to make people laugh.  It's like having another dad around; caring and always making sure things are okay if he felt they weren't.

That's why we nominate our math teacher Mr. Callaghan to be the next Golden Apple Award winner.

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