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Mrs. Leonard

Congratulations Mrs. Leonard from Wattsburg Area Middle School.  She was nominated by Morgan Perkins. 

I nominate Mrs. Leonard for the Golden Apple Award.  She isn't a gym teacher just for herself but for the well-being of the students at my school.


She deserves this for her confidence in herself and the students around her.  She knows we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to do.  Because of Mrs. Leonard, to many students, gym doesn't seem like a requirement but a great way to be active and fit with fun ways to express ourselves everyday.  In other grades, gym was never as fun as it is now with Mrs. Leonard as the teacher.  Mrs. Leonard accepts everybody for who they are, and pushes them to their best.  She is one of the high school basketball coaches and many people look forward to playing in high school for her because of her confidence and will to make them the best they can be.  You can call her a role model.  The definition of a role model is a person looked to by others as an example.  Mrs. Leonard is just that, setting examples of good behavior, having integrity, and being persistent.


Every person is on the path of life.  Sometimes we make a wrong turn or can't decide which road to take, but Mrs. Leonard can help point you in the right direction or get you turned around and that's what makes her so great.  Mrs. Leonard deserves the Golden Apple Award not just for her confidence but the hard work she has put in to being the person she is today.

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