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Paige Scutella

Congratulations Paige Scutella from Robison Elementary.  She was nominated by Laurie Mook. 

I would like to nominate Paige Scutella for the Golden Apple Award.  This is only Miss Scutellas' second year of teaching and the impact she has made on the students as well as myself is huge.

The learning environment in her room is both serious and is mixed with a tremendous amount of support.  She absolutely goes out of her way to make sure her students have the best tools as well as the confidence they need to move forward.  She changes her weekly routine so the students don't get lethargic and bored.   She even changes her room curtains to match the season/month!  Her professionalism in working with her peers is top notch.  She is enthusiastic and very genuine in her teaching style.

I am honored and feel privileged to be working with such a wonderful teacher.  She truly completes the meaning of "teacher".

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