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Pamela Miller

<p>Congratulations Pamela Miller fromMcDowell High School.&nbsp; She was nominated byKatelynn Budny.</p>

Mrs. Miller made me a better person with good study skills. I always came to her for help with my school work. When I walk into her class, I see the greatest teacher sitting at her desk. She is friendly and has an amazing personality. Everybody would love to have a teacher like Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller has been my teacher in 9th and 12th grade. I considered her one of my favorite teachers that I had. She was always fun to be around and I'm glad to nominate her for her best teaching skills. She showed me how to be a better student, and taught me so much that I carry out through a lifetime. I consider her as a role model to me. She likes to help the students out and does what she can to make everyday a great one. She was my academic support teacher in 12th grade and Math teacher in 9th grade. She always had a way to make the class enjoyable, and taught us in great detail.


All the students know her and always have a great time with her, she makes us laugh, has a fun loving personality. She always is positive, and enjoys her job for what she does. As good of a teacher she is, I wish I had her as my teacher for all 4 years. I will always remember her for what she did to make me the best student, and achieve all my goals. When I leave McDowell, I will even stop back to come see her since that's how much I love her as my teacher. She is one of those teachers that listen to what you have to say and will help you out. She is a good people person; she always has fun with her students all the time.

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