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Patricia Callan

Congratulations Patricia Callan from North East School district, she was nominated by Samantha Adams. 
Samantha writes:
I would like to nominate Patricia Callan for the Golden Apple Award.  I am a student in her ninth grade honors English class, and I believe Mrs. Callan is extremely deserving of this award. 
Mrs. Callan is the best teacher I have ever had.  She is very personable, and teaches in a way that allows her students to apply the information into all of their classes.  For example, even if we are talking about grammar and forms of verbs, it isn't unlikely for her to give us a tip on understanding our history textbook.  Mrs. Callan also prepares her students for higher learning.  No matter if we are studying a topic at a deep level or not, she lets us know what will come later in that subject so we can get a better understanding of it.  Also, she alerts us to misconceptions we may have about things in teh English world, and makes us think deeper than most teachers do.
Not only is Mrs. Callan wonderful at teaching, she is a person that truly devotes herself to her job.  She had no problem with taking some of her own time to help a student one-on-one, and is also an advisor to our school's yearbook committee, which takes much time and effort on her part. 
There is not doubt Mrs. Callan's class is difficult, but almost all of her students agree that she teaches worthwhile information in a way that makes her will-liked and completely qualified for this award. 
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