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President Taking Stand Against Sexual Assaults

President Obama is cracking down on sexual assaults taking place on college campuses by creating a task force to protect students and local officials think it's about time this issue is receiving national attention.
January 22, 2014 - Today, President Obama is making it clear that he is taking action against sexual assaults occurring on college campuses, by creating a task force to help protect college students, especially females.

White House reports show that one-in-five women are sexually assaulted during college, but only 12 percent report being assaulted.

The Crime Victim Center of Erie County, which raises awareness about sexual assault and helps out people affected by it, says the president cracking down on sexual assault should be applauded and that with so many colleges in the Erie-area, keeping students safe is the utmost priority.

At Gannon University, officials tell us they have a task force already in place to address assaults on campus as well as a student-led organization designed to educate the Gannon community about violence of all kinds.

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