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Sara Friters

<p>Congratulations Sara Friters from Cochranton Jr./ Sr. High.&nbsp; She was nominated by Marlene Pratt on behalf of Emily Pratt.</p>

I would like to nominate Mrs. Friters for the Golden Apple Award. Because she is a wonderful teacher, you can tell when you meet her that she has that special touch. she makes it fun and goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome while learning.  The most heart touching thing that I would like to tell you about is that Mrs Friters started a club this year that is for students to welcome in other students that may not be involved in any club or group, maybe because they are shy or new to the area or like my daughter Emily has Down Syndrome. Mrs. Friters ask 4 girls in Emily's grade if they would be interested in starting a club like this; they were very excited they decided to name the club, E-Club. I am happy to say that the club now has 12 members, these girls are all wonderful, and include my daughter Emily in and out of school activities this has meant so much to us   Mrs. Friters is just outstanding she works hard in school and also has given her time outside of school like tye dying all the girls shirts (purple my daughters request) so that they could all go to Special Olympics track and field, to cheer Emily on. We started out taking our daughter to track and field ourselves and it is just unbelievable that now she is actually riding the bus up with a group of friends and teachers. she is so excited and so are we Thanks to a wonderful teacher that went above and beyond.

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