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Sara Kim

Congratulations Sara Kim from Fairview High School.  She was nominated by Corrinne Pawlowski. 

Mrs. Kim is one of the best teachers that I have ever had.  Before entering her eleventh grade English class, I had no idea how to write properly or how to analyze literature.  With her help, I was able to overcome that trouble.

After having Mrs. Kim for English, I decided to take her Student Publications class, which is journalism and yearbook.  I opted to do only journalism, and while doing that, Mrs. Kim helped me improve my writing even more.   She taught me how to interview people and put the interviews into an article.    Because of her helping me write, I was able to win first place in an Edinboro University writing competition for the News Category and fifth place for sports.  Now, in my senior year, I am editor of the News Paper, and I was finally able to move up from regular English and Literature classes to an AP class.

As I begin to apply to colleges, Mrs. Kim has helped me with my college essays and the application process.  Because of her, seeing how she teaches and seeing a new outlook on English and Literature, I have decided to do a double major in English and Journalism.   Now, she is helping me pick the best school for me to get the best education.

Mrs. Kim has also done numerous things to help improve our school.  Not only has she made our yearbooks a thousand times better, she also created an online newspaper for students to read and enjoy.  She also started a Dante Team for students who love to dance and never had the opportunity to express themselves at school before.  They've even won competitions in their first year.

Mrs. Kim's door is open to students who need someone to talk to.  She gives her undivided attention to students needing an ear, and she's always offering advice.  She stands up for the student who doesn't have a voice in the school and is sure to make sure they are heard. 

Because of Mrs. Kim, I am a better person.  That is why I believe that she should win the Golden Apple Award.

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