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Scott Hutchison

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 Scott Hutchison of McKean Elementary School is this weeks Golden Apple winner. Mr. Hutchison was nominated by Kaylin Kephart. Kaylin writes: I would like to nominate Mr. Hutch (aka Mr. Hutchison) because he is the most fun and awesome teacher IN THE WORLD!!! He makes learning fun because he lets us do learning hands-on instead of doing a lot of worksheets. he has a banking system he created for good behavior. He hands out "Hutch bucks" that we can use for special things in his pretend little shop. In writing workshop he lets us think of ideas of what to write about instead of writing what the whole fourth grade is writing about. If we got some or all of our spelling words on our pre-test right we could pick different words. Mr. Hutch also lets us use the Smart board. he also lets us watch little movies on his smart board. On our spelling test we have to spell our word-wall words but he leaves them up and we can copy off the world wall. He also lets us play games at the end of the day. Three of our world-wall words are "theyre", "there", and "their". He taught us how to remember what each of them mean. "Theyre" he said means that "they are" so, if you take the apostrophe out and put back the "A" it says "they are". For "there" he taught us that in "there" is the opposite work, so you can make an underling under the word "here" and change the underling to an arrow. and for "their" is the only on you can make a person out of an "I". Mr. Hutch also teaches Mrs. Zs math class. Our principal is Mr. Getz. Hr. Hutch is a fourth grade teacher at McKean Elementary School.
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