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Taylor Hilinski

<p>Congratulations Ms. Taylor Hilinski fromHarbor Creek High School.&nbsp; She was nominated byTyler Nowosielski.</p>

When I wake up in the morning, I want to go to school. I never really felt this way until this year. This is because I have Ms. Hilinski as a teacher now. She not only engages the students in creative ways, but she does so in a way that is both fun and makes you want to come back every day for more.


Ms. Hilinski makes learning fun. She does this by having the students engage in friendly competition with awesome games. There is one review game we play called "Nail It to Win It" which is a spinoff of "Minute to Win It" where we split up into groups and then answer 5 questions in 30 seconds. Then the winners with the most points get to play in miniature games to earn more points. They are very fun, from shooting stuffed fish into a container to figuring out a way to get water from one beaker to the next with nothing but a small straw. The teams are always encouraging there teammates to do well and this really shows how Ms. Hilinski is bringing us together while at the same time teaching us valuable biology material.


She will teach us Biology material in exciting ways by showing us cool videos and having us participate in fun activities. Ms. Hilinski has made me want to learn more about biology and be excited about learning in school. That is why I believe Ms. Hilinski should be the next Golden Apple Award winner!

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