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<p><b>To those who need help: </b></p><p>We understand the importance of home.&nbsp;</p><p><img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2010_06/1d0a420d-2466-87a4-598a-ff93dcad27ac/" mce_src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2010_06/1d0a420d-2466-87a4-598a-ff93dcad27ac/" width="119" align="left" height="138">There are many things that make home special, but it's the comfort and confidence you enjoy in living there that is important to us.&nbsp; That's why Home Instead Senior Care, Erie, provides assistance with those daily activities that aren't as easy for you as they used to be, so you may continue living&nbsp; in your own home. </p><p><br>What sets us apart from other area non-medical agencies is our genuine, sincere approach to matching the right person to suit your personality as well as your individual needs.&nbsp; After all, the help is provided in your home.&nbsp; You should feel comfortable with the CAREGiver and know that the Home Instead staff will continually monitor your relationship to ensure your satisfaction. </p><p><br>In Erie, we are known for the reliability of our CAREGivers.&nbsp; For those who utilize our services know that their CAREGiver will be there in a timely, dependable fashion. Home Instead prides itself on not being a revolving door.&nbsp; You will see the same face or faces, depending on how many hours you require help.&nbsp; After all, that is how solid relationships develop. </p><p><br>At Home Instead, we are not only family-owned and operated, we treat both our CAREGivers and clients as if they are family, too.&nbsp; We have a 97% CAREGiver retention rate, which we think speaks volumes for the type of company we have become. </p><p><br>We are looked to by many in this community as a resource when it comes to the stages of senior care.&nbsp; Please know that as you make your way through finding the solutions to your needs, we are always available to advise you, even if you never use our service.&nbsp; <br>

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