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Tiffany Shroyer

Congratulations Mrs. Shroyer from <!--[endif]---->Diehl Elementary, she was nominated by Lexy, Alex and Katelynn Dipp.

Mrs Shroyer is an exceptional teacher. She teaches 7th and 8th grade Algebra at Diehl Elementary. She has an extremely unique way of teaching her students. She makes the class room fun and exciting and she always finds a way to connect to her students and takes the time to help each one individually when they may need the extra attention.

I, as Katelynn, Alex and Lexy's mom have had the pleasure of sitting through a few of her classes and she is a very special individual. She has had my other three children a few years back and she has met and exceeded her teaching skills.

We feel she deserves this award because she is a great teacher and deserves to be commended for her hard work and time and effort she puts into encouraging her students and even the adults around her. When students may feel left out she always finds a way to include them in everything going on in, and around the class room. She finds that special connection. She also has a way of make anyone around her smile and laugh. She has such a big and kind heart for her students. Even when things may seem rough for a student she has a way of bighting there day and making them feel special and important. We really hope you'll consider this amazing teacher for the Golden Apple Award.

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