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Traci Brunner

<p>Congratulations Traci Brunner from St. Luke School nominated by Danielle Wieczorek.</p>

I want you to know what a great teacher Ms. Brunner is , I have been at many schools in my short life and by far she is the real meaning of TEACHER she helps us to relive the past through reenactments so you feel like you are part of history and you are re living that era, that is a good teacher when they can teach you and your  learning and you don't even know it. She encourages us to do better and believes we can do it even when we don't think we can! Even though we are growing into young adults she allows us to be children and realizes when outside play is necessary to release that built up pressures of tweenism... and lets us get it out so that the learning can continue after physical activity. Manners are a must if you are to make it in her class also, there is no such thing as slang you are taught early that grammar is the building blocks of our future as young leaders. I know if you meet her and honor her with this award it will make me so happy but I don't write this just from me I write this on behalf of my whole 7b classroom, we just love AND appreciate her .  When I  saw she was my homeroom teacher for this year I  said: THANK YOU GOD for watching over me! RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED: Danielle Wieczorek

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