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Virginia Rogers

Congratulations Virgina Rogers from Erie Day School.  She was nominated by Katherine Reber. 

Mrs. Rogers is by far the very best teacher that I have ever had. She makes everything more interesting than any other teacher that I know. This is why I believe that she should receive the Golden Apple Award:

I have never been much of a reader, but from the first class I had with Mrs. Rogers I fell deeply in love with Shakespeare! Every book that I have read with her I have absolutely loved. She helps us diagram sentences; a practice which no longer used at most schools, and has us reading at a much higher level than most 7th graders. She also reads with enthusiasm and keeps us awake. She helps everybody understand difficult concepts more easily as well.  But that is not all. Mrs. Rogers helps us understand why getting a good education is so important and encourages us to always do our best.         

She also cares about her students. She gives each and every student personal and individual attention. If she is concerned that a student is falling behind she talks to them. If she notices a student is doing very well she will make them aware. Even if she just thinks that you may be unhappy at the moment she will ask if they are okay.         

She has a passion for English also. When you walk into her room you can sense it immediately just from the way it is decorated. From a rubbing of Shakespeare's tombstone, to posters covering the walls entirely, to a whimsical tree that is decorated with pictures of her favorite poets, authors, etc.          

Mrs. Rogers really deserves this Golden Apple Award so I hope very much that you choose her.

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