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DA Weighs in on Houy's Suicide

Following the suicide of Richard Houy, Crawford County DA Francis Schultz, talks about the future of the murder investigation.
November 3, 2013 - On September 26th, Richard Houy of Rockdale Township was taken into custody, after he admitted to Pennsylvania State Police that he killed LeBouef Township man Gerald Vandyke.

Houy was being housed in the Crawford County Jail, until he hanged himself early Saturday morning.

Even though Houy is now dead and his case won't be presented to a jury, Crawford County District Attorney Francis Schultz says it's clear what happened at the time of Vandyke's death.

Schultz also adds that the murder stemmed from hatred from Houy towards Vandyke, who was dating Houy's daughter, Tina Skelton.

Schultz says a follow up investigation into the murder as well as the suicide is underway.

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