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David Tatar

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David Tatar of Ft. LeBoeuf was nominated by Victoria Rorher. Victoria writes: As heroes go, a hero is a person you look up to and someone you believe is a model. My personal hero is someone I havent known for very long, but hes been a huge inspiration on my like by far. Last year my school got a new band teacher, also known as Mr. Tatar, and as all new teachers to everyone was just lik, "Oh great, New teachers.". New teachers usually never end up good, but this one turned out great. The first day introduced himself and I laughed so hard I almost cried. I remember thinking to myself, "Youve got to be kidding me. This guy CAN NOT have a degree in music education. His name sounds like a fattening potato!" He just came across to me as the kind of person that was getting this job to get a job, not because he really wanted that particular job or had any passion for it. Boy, was I wrong. In his class I learned more than I could EVER imagine! Hes got so much passion in energy in his work, he really puts all he has into it and tries to make the band students the best possible musicians they can be. I remember he said something to my class once that Ill never forget because I believe it to be so true- "being a musician isnt about playing music to perform and make other people happy, being a musician is about doing something you love." Since Ive lost his class, not a day goes by where I wish I wasnt back in it. He always made his classes fun and he always had something new to tell us or teach us. In eighth grade I learned more about music than a lot of kids in twelfth grade might know. Not only did he one teach my class, but hes the assistant director of Fort LeBoeufs marching band, which I participate in, and hes done a lot for that band as well. Hes come in and taught us all new things and worked with us because he has confidence and faith in us not just to get paid. He wants to see us succeed and we all see it in his eyes when we put on a good show and the judges five us good remarks of the crowds going crazy. When weve shown our best Mr. Tatar praises us and we can all tell hes happy because the look in his eyes- his eyes just explode with pride and happiness. Its the best feeling in the world to have a band director thats proud of his students that he, as hes told us before, goes home and sits down at dinner and cannot stop talking about band. Hes said that hes gotten to the point where his wife has to shush him because he wont, and it makes us all smile to know hes proud of us because not only of the hard work we put in but the hard work that he very obviously puts in too. Hes a terrific musician, a great band director, and an awesome person! Mr. Tatar definitely wins my award for hero. Someday I want to become a music teacher and if I do there wont be a thing I do that I didnt learn from this man, and there wont be a day in my life as a fellow musician that I wont use every bit of his advice and pass it on to others. Hes definitely an idol and hes my hero as well.
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