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Don't Leave Boxes from Valuable Gifts at Curb

While celebrating the holidays this week, we need to keep in mind that some people will start scavenging the neighborhoods to see what others received as gifts.
December 27, 2013 - Now that the presents are opened, putting your empty boxes curbside may not be the best idea. You could be promoting to potential criminals the valuables your home has acquired during this holiday season. Here are some tips when putting out the trash. Do not place empty boxes of toys, electronics, computer equipment or appliances outside for garbage pickup day. Instead, take every box, tear it up or squash it and place in a large black garbage bag. By doing this anyone driving around checking out “garbage” will not see what new items you have received. But be sure you comply with your city’s trash pick-up regulations. Mark all your new and used equipment with your driver license number using an electronic engraver or permanent marker. By doing this, should it be stolen and police find it, they will be able to trace it back to you. Another tip you might consider is spreading out throwing out your holiday trash over a few weeks time or at for the least the big items. The same safety rules apply while shopping. if you are out getting those post Christmas sales, leaving items in your car is an invitation for thieves.
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