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Erie City Council One Step Closer to Budget Vote

Council hosted its final budget review session in the Bagnoni Chambers Monday evening.
December 9, 2013 - Members of city council talked for hours Monday evening in the final budget review session before the 2014 budget will be voted on December 18th.

Residents will see a 15%, or $7, increase in their refuse fees.

The council voted to allow Mayor Sinnott's proposed increase to stay part of the budget, but all members agreed to include a sunset provision for one year, which means the fee increases can be repealed after a year has passed -- if the council deems that action necessary.

The council also agreed to a $9 increase for sewer fees with the same sunset provision.

A big issue discussed tonight was the recent revelation that there were some delinquent payments to the refuse department, totaling around $2.5 million.

Councilman John Evans says those delinquencies were primarily caused by landlord run properties, and that's why he says putting these fee increases into place can be detrimental in the long run to the Erie community.

CATV was the final topic of the night: in Sinnott's proposal, the non profit would only receive $25 thousand in funding from the city, versus $200 thousand in 2013.

Council agreed 5-to-2 that the organization will get $75 thousand instead, which would help the organization make it through the beginning of the year.

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