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Erie Crop Walk Raises Funds for the Hungry

Local Churches came out to raise money to stop hunger.
The oldest walk a thon in the country is taking steps right here in Erie to beat hunger. Participants from more than 60 churches headed out to Presque Isle for the annual crop walk. Erie's walk is part of a nation wide movement to end hunger around the world. Last year Erie residents helped raise more than sixty-eight thousand dollars, with more than seventeen thousand dollars staying in the area. 25% of the proceeds from the event stay right here in Erie and go to 22 different agencies feeding hungry people. The Erie community raised more than 2 million dollars over the past 37 years. With around 900 million people all over the world hungry, the crop walks are a huge benefit. Last year the walks earned more than 15 million dollars nation wide for adults and children who are malnourished. Our local walk is the biggest in the mid-Atlantic region. The money raised from the walks goes to 80 different countries around the world. This year Erie's walk hopes to bring in70,000 dollars.
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