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Erie Diocese Files Suit Against Government

The Catholic Diocese of Erie files a suit against the US government regarding the Affordable Care Act mandate, for the second time.
October 8, 2013 - A new lawsuit is in the works coming from the Catholic Diocese of Erie and targeting the US government.

The issue at hand is the Affordable Care Act mandate which requires employers to cover contraception, a requirement that goes against the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

At this point, the diocese does qualify for religious employer exemption, but other Catholic entities like Saint Martin Center, Prince of Peace Center, and Erie Catholic Preparatory School, do not have that same exemption.

Bishop Lawrence Persico was not available for comment today, but in a statement, he says, “If the government can order us to violate our conscience, what comes next? This lawsuit defends the free exercise of religion without government interference. “

This is the second lawsuit made against the government regarding the ACA: the last was filed May 21, 2012.

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