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Extended Exposure to Freezing Temps Posing Health Risks

Erie is experiencing a stretch of below-freezing temperatures, which can be especially dangerous for the homeless population.
December 10, 2013 - This week, the forecast shows that temperatures won't make it above freezing, not to mention how cold it will feel with the wind chill, so that means if you're heading outdoors, you'd better bundle up.

Dr. Katherine Lund, who works in the emergency room at Saint Vincent Hospital, says this time of year, there's an increase in the number of people coming in needing to be treated for frost bite or frost nip, and hypothermia.

Lund says you need to be mindful of the signs of any of those ailments, like numb, burning, or tingling fingers and toes, chills, or even feelings of disorientation.

She also says that when the weather drops to these low temperatures, the emergency room does see a lot of homeless people coming in.

However, some organizations, like the Erie City Mission, are working to help out the homeless during this time of year with warming and overnight shelters, so that they don't end up in the ER.

These shelters are helping to keep the homeless safe and ultimately alive during this wintry weather.

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