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Fire Destroys Building at Conneaut Lake Park

Fire reportedly started at Dockside and Beach Club at Conneaut Lake Park early this morning
 Another part of Conneaut lake park history has been destroyed by fire.

        Fire broke out at the dockside and beach club in historic Conneaut Lake Park overnight.
        Residents said flames could be seen shooting into the air from across the lake at around 2:45 in the morning, by 4:30, others say, the building was burned to the ground.
        The dockside and beach club are right on the waters edge; the beach club a popular night spot, and the recently renovated dockside a facility for banquets, reunions and dances. 

We talked to beach club operators who lease the building from the Park, they said they have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into renovating the building.
        Fire department officials say the fire started at the dockside of the club and spread until the entire building was consumed.
        One eyewitness to the fire tells JET 24 that by 4:30 this morning, the fire had burned both buildings to the ground.
        Fire officials say the blaze took an hour and a half to control, and hot spots in the building debris could cause more flames for almost a week. 
        10 boats at the dock were heat damaged but did not get burned by the flames.
        A few years ago, the historic dreamland ballroom was destroyed by fire by an arsonist.
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