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Group Hosts Erie Rail Terminal Presentation

All Aboard Erie invites Greater Erie Industrial Development Corporation president and CEO, John Elliott, to discuss the progress being made in the $60 million project.
December 2, 2013 - The Erie Rail Terminal is a $60 million intermodal facility, which is part of the Erie Inland Port project, and it’s predicted to create jobs and economic growth in the area.

On Monday evening, volunteer organization, All Aboard Erie, hosted a special presentation about the transportation project, led by president and CEO of the Greater Erie Industrial Development Corporation, John Elliott at the Erie Intermodal Transportation Center.

Elliott says the corporation is now conducting a study before moving forward with the project, which is looking at the impacts the project will have on the environment, traffic, etc.

When it comes to traffic, PennDOT officials say there will definitely be traffic issues with the building of this terminal, and that they'll need to conduct a study as well, although at this time, officials are unsure of how much that study will cost.

However, they say it will take months to complete, and ideally will be started early 2014.

In the meantime, through the GEIDC study, feedback from the public and stakeholders is being taken into account and Elliott is hopeful construction can begin next fall.

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