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Hometown Hero 4/11/13 Brian Sheldon

Erie Hometown Hero: Brian Sheldon
April 11th, 2013

Brian Sheldon of Erie is a veteran of the U.S. Navy Reserves.   After 911, then 37- year-old Brian first tried to sign up with the Army, but was turned down due to his age.

He then joined the Navy Reserve and would eventually be deployed to Iraq.  All of this a far cry from his job as a teacher at Erie's Collegiate Academy.
Jennifer Sheldon says: "He waited until he was older and decided that he couldn't stand in front of his history classes and tell them that they needed to be patriotic if he had never served himself."

In Iraq, Brian was a prison guard and a driver before coming home.  This husband and father is once again teaching at Collegiate with lessons that can now include his own experience serving his country and helping shape history. Navy reserve veteran Brian Sheldon, this week's Hometown Hero.

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