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Hometown Hero: Gerald Dunn

Hometown Hero: Gerald Dunn
December 12/27/12

Gerald Dunn of Erie enlisted in the navy in 1966. He would become a Marine corpsman and have a front row seat for history. Serving on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, Gerry was part of the crew that recovered the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 astronauts when they came back from the moon. This is film shot by Gerry himself.


Shelley Davenport, Gerald Dunn's daughter, says: "...Being on board that ship and watching them come out of the water and be able to ...'wow, there they are', to be part of history. This was something that really meant a lot to him."


Shelley credits her dad with instilling a sense of patriotism, love of country and love of family. Gerry continues to serve, playing taps at military funerals, including his own brother's.  Marine veteran Gerald Dunn, this week's Hometown Hero.



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