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Hometown Hero:James Miller of Springboro

Hometown Hero James Miller of Springboro
January 10th, 2013

James Miller of Springboro was a sergeant in the U.S. Army.  He served, fought and was wounded in Vietnam.  In 1967, Jim was shot thru both knees.  He would spend eleven days in a coma and have both kneecaps replaced.  It was a sacrifice with a true sense of duty.


Lynn Miller says: "He wasn't proud of what he had to do, but, he knew he had to do it and he loved his country. He loved the United States."


Jim came home, helped raise a family that now includes eight grandchildren.  Sadly, he passed away last April after a battle with cancer, leaving behind great memories of a man who loved life.  Vietnam veteran James Miller, this week's Hometown Hero.




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