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John Hardy

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John Hardey teaches Science at Fairview Middle School.  He was nominated by Christine Bower. 
Christine writes: I would like to nominate my 8th grade science teacher, Mr. Hardy, for the Golden Apple Award. Hes an amazing teacher and person. He wants all of his students to succeed and will do whatever it takes to make that possible. He believes and has faith in all of us and gives everyone a chance. He encourages us to do our vest everyday. Hes a great motivator and also gives great advice. he gives 100% to his students everyday and all day. He never embarrasses us or puts us down. Hes highly respected by all of his students that he has had and currently has. If you answer a question wrong, hes not mean about it. Mr. Hardy just does whatever he can to make you understand the material. He makes a difference in all if his students lives and always is willing to help you out with anything. He takes pride in his work as the 8th grade science teacher at FMS. He always makes you feel like you accomplish something everyday. He also made me want to challenge myself. He is just one of those teachers that youll remember for the rest of your life. Hes my favorite teacher of all time and I could talk to him about anything. Hes an intelligent, kind and honest person. He was so amazing. I wish I could have brought him up to the high school with me. He made every class he taught interesting. he made me want to come to class and learn. Mr. Hardy made me realize how much fun science and school really is. I now want to do something with science because of him. I couldnt have asked for a better teacher. He is the best and no one will ever compare to him. If you ever want to learn a more challenging task, he will always teach it to you. The smile on his face always shows us that he cares about his students and wants to five them the best science education he can. Hes not perfect, but close to it. Whenever Im around him, I always smile and laugh. He doesnt make me nervous (usually). I think he brought out the best in me and the best in everyone. I hate saying goodbye to him because I always end up crying. He made my 8th grade year a year I will never forget. He changed my like for the better. Theres some stuff that does still bother me about him, but no ones perfect. But I do believe that he did everything for a reason. I hope Mr. Hardy realizes how much of an impact he has had on me. I also hope he realizes that he deserves this award more than anyone. I was always excited to go to his class and just be around him. I could always be honest with him if something was bothering me. He likes to communicate with all his students. I think about all the memories I had with and his class all the time. I didnt want to leave his class at all. I dont think I will ever love another science class like I loved his. I also dont want to learn science from anyone else. He makes me feel good about myself as a student and a person. Mr. Hardy was just fun to be around. I really hope that you can see how much Mr. Hardy has changed my life. And I really hope that you make the right choice and choose him as the next Golden Apple Award winner. It would make his year and all of his students (old and new) very happy. Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination and I hope that you enjoyed it.
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