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John Svirbly

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John Svirbly of Cochranton Jr/Sr High School. John was nominated by Monica Mumau for his Math class. Monica wrote: Mr. Svirbly is one of the greatest teachers that I know. Every year since 7th grade I have struggled in math class. Math became a hard and dull subject that I feared every day. Mr. Svirbly has not only made it so that I succeed very well in math but he has also given me the opportunity to do the one thing that Ive never done......like math! Ive never seen a teacher who took so much of their personal time to help their students. Every day he says "If you ever need help with your class or homework just stop in during study hall and Id be glad to help you." Right now hes even setting up a website where we can review and study for our tests. He also puts different web sites on there that we can go to that will help us with studying. He always tries to make class fun and enjoyable. Sometime he sets up lessons on the SMART BOARD so we can do different problems on it. That makes class more fun. All of us want to do math problems because we all want a chance to use the SMART BOARD! It takes him a while to set up those lessons so he probably cant do it during school. It must be hard being in school all day, teaching the same subject and then have to go home and work on lessons for tomorrow. All I can say is that Ive never met a math teacher as helpful and supportive as Mr. Svirbly. Any teacher can teach but it takes a special teacher to help you learn and succeed like Mr. Svirbly.
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