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Judge Finds Quick Guilty of First-Degree Murder

The first-degree murder sentence carries a sentence of life without parole.
JANUARY 14, 2014-  A decision on how long a man will spend behind bars for murdering another man has been reached.
Erie County Judge John Garhart ruled Robert Quick is guilty of murder in the first-degree this afternoon.
Last week Quick pleaded guilty to a general charge of murder for beating Aderian Page to death with a baseball bat over a suspected drug dispute.
Judge John Garhart heard character witness testimony.
This morning, Quick took the stand again to clear the air regarding his temper and a dispute with a neighbor over drugs.
Judge Garhart told District Attorney Jack Daneri that it is quote "Easy to determine third-degree murder, but the question is whether it's first-degree murder with intent to kill."
The first-degree murder charge carries a potential sentence of life without parole.
Sentencing is scheduled for March.
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