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Kids Doctor 5/21/13 Being a mom is tough

A new survey reveals what many moms have been saying quietly, they feel judged.
May 21st, 2013

There's no doubt about it, being a mom is tough.
Today, pediatrician Sue Hubbard, The Kid's Doctor, takes a look at how mothers can deal with stress and judgement.

Lets face it, its tough being a mom in today's world.  There is so much pressure we place on ourselves in the hopes we are making the right decisions when it comes to raising our children.

Dr. Michele Borba knows this as a psychologist and mom of three. Mothering is the most difficult job in our lives but also the most important.

A new survey reveals what many moms have been saying quietly but only sharing these feelings with their closest friends, they feel judged.

"I just feel like there is so much judgment out there from other moms its already hard enough being a mom. I really dont need the judgment from everybody else," said Tonia Sanders.

Two hundred moms from around the country attended the Strongmoms Empowerment Summit in New York to raise awareness of this issue but most importantly help moms create a more supportive and less judgmental environment, both in their daily lives and online.

Here is what the survey found:

-moms feel most judged on their decisions relating to parenting, work and infant feeding.

-when a mom feels judged, they become stressed, angry, insecure and feel inadequate.

-when moms feel supported they feel confident, relaxed, happier and more fulfilled.

Moms also noticed a positive impact on their kids when they felt supported.

Dr. Borba adds, "Judgment on moms not only affects us and our confidence but it also trickles down to our kids.  Were stressed the kids are stressed were anxious so too are kids."

Dr. Sue agrees, "I know first hand as pediatrician and mom of three, how hard it is to raise kids. Be confident and trust your momtuition! Share your ideas and values in a positive way. If you have a tough decision to make, talk to your pediatrician, they are your partner in parenting. Be empowered!"

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