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Local Museum Opening for First Time in Two Years

The Fort LeBoeuf Museum in Waterford is opening for "Waterford Colonial Christmas" this weekend, and museum officials are hopeful the museum will stay open long after this weekend.
December 4, 2013 - About two years ago, the Fort LeBoeuf Museum closed its doors, with a sign saying it was closed for maintenance; however, museum officials tell us it was closed by the state because of budget cuts.

The state currently still owns the museum, but a group of local historians has raised thousands and thousands of dollars to fix up the museum, spruce up the exhibits, and open it back up to the public for the first time in two years this upcoming weekend for Waterford Colonial Christmas.

We spoke to some of the historians involved in this restoration process and they say they are hoping to buy the museum from the state, because it is a vital part of the community.

For a full list of the Waterford Colonial Christmas schedule, visit: http://waterforddays.com/blog.html

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