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Lucas to Seek PA Senate Seat

Fifth District State Assemblyman Greg Lucas is going to run for the State Senate.
December 31, 2013- Fifth District State Assemblyman Greg Lucas announced this morning he will run for the PA Senate seat of Bob Robbins. Lucas' office released this statement at noon.:

       " Having spent more than three decades working as an educator and a general contractor, State Representative Greg Lucas (PA-5 R) made a decision two years ago that it was time for a working man to represent the people of Northern Crawford and Southern Erie counties. He put on some good walking shoes, knocked on thousands of doors and was elected to serve in the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2012.
Yesterday’s announcement by State Senator Bob Robbins that he will not seek another term representing the 50th Senatorial District has created an opportunity for Lucas to continue his common-sense service for the hard working families of Northwestern Pennsylvania. “The retirement of Senator Robbins will leave a leadership vacuum, not easily replaced,” said Lucas. “But it also leaves the people of Crawford, Erie, Mercer and Warren counties with a new choice. A say in exactly what kind of representation they want in the Senate,” he added.
In addition to his current service as State Representative of the 5th district, Lucas was Mayor of Edinboro in 2011 and 2012 and served as a councilman from 2004 to 2012.
“I am running for Senate because I have a working man’s perspective in addition to a proven record of confronting and doing everything I can to resolve the very serious problems we face in Pennsylvania,” said Lucas. “I pledge to serve no more than two terms in the Pennsylvania Senate to ensure fresh ideas;so people and perspectives have the chance to represent change.”
Lucas held public hearings on and voted for liquor privatization. The bill would create more private sector jobs and give consumers more choice and freedom. He also voted to pass the budget in June, funding schools, children and teachers across Pennsylvania.
More recently, Lucas made a critical vote for the safety of anyone using Pennsylvania highways and bridges. He supported funding transportation which will now serve to repair thousands of dangerous bridges and roadways in addition to creating some 50,000 new jobs. He also fought for a competitive wage system to ensure an even playing field for those vying for these important jobs.
“I have not and will never shy away from making a tough vote or from representing the people who write my paycheck. The taxpayers of Pennsylvania,” noted Lucas. "
        Representative Lucas was elected to the 5th district assembly seat formerly held by John Evans. The fifth district will move to southeastern Pennsylvania in the next election.

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