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Millcreek Schools Superintendent Addresses Bus Concerns

Superintendent Hall is urging parents with concerns to call and report their issues.
AUGUST 29, 2013-  Millcreek Township School District parent Keilani Marshall has had enough with the district's bus transportation.
"They're failing... They're failing... "
Marshall says her children as well as the children she cares for have experienced a slew of bussing problems since class began on Tuesday of this week.
She says four of the children she baby sits in the morning have been picked up late... And her daughter who attends a charter school has experienced similar problems.
"When we're standing out in the rain like yesterday for half hour waiting for a bus. They getting wet and uncomfortable and disrupts education during the day," says Marshall.
Marshall isn't alone...
Several parents claim busses have dropped off their children in the wrong location or missed them all together.
However, Superintendent William Hall says although there have been a few bumps in the road thus far this school year... He says the goal is the same as it always has been... to get students to and from school safely.
"I hope they know their priority is ours. The safety of their children is first... And we will keep at it until we get it all right."
Hall says the district is working directly with First Student.
That's the company they began to contract for bus transportation after the transportation supervisor position was not filled.
"We are in contact with First Student... And monitoring and reviewing issues..."
First Student declined to talk on camera, but their corporate headquarters released this statement.
"We are working with the district to resolve any concerns and are fully focused on operating a safe and efficient manner."
Superintendent Hall is urging parents with concerns to call and report their issues... that line is 838-1602
He says additional phone lines have been added at First Student headquarters to meet the needs of parents. 
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