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NE Twp Supervisors Pass Wind Ordinance

After seven long months of public debate and forums, the North East Township supervisors have passed a zoning wind ordinance.
November 4, 2013 - Members of the North East Twp community came out in full force Monday evening to find out one thing: how the supervisors would vote on the wind ordinance that's been the hot topic at the supervisors’ meetings for quite some time.

Tonight, two of the supervisors, Vern Frye and Gus Neff voted in favor of passing the ordinance, while the other supervisor, Dennis Culver was not present, but wrote a letter in favor of passing it as well.

The passing of this ordinance means there is now an established area where the turbines can be put into place.

We spoke to people who were against the ordinance and they say they are disappointed with the vote, while those who support wind energy in North East say they are ready to get the ball rolling on this energy project.

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