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Degree of Guilt Hearing Day 1: Robert Quick Takes the Stand

Quick says an argument erupted in his own home the night of February 22, 2013.
JANUARY 13, 2014- An Erie County judge continues to weigh the fate of a man who admitted to killing another man over a suspected drug dispute.
49-year-old Robert Quick admitting his guilt in court and revealing that killing Aderian Page weighed heavily on his heart.
Monday, Page took the stand during his degree of guilt hearing.
Quick says he had a relationship with his neighbor Page... He claimed Page was his crack dealer and a friend.
Quick says the reason why he ended up killing Page was over a drug dispute.
He claimed Page was upset that he was buying drugs from other dealers in the area... And that's when he says Page snapped.
Quick says an argument erupted in his own home the night of February 22, 2013.
He admitted hitting page with an aluminum baseball bat because he thought Page had a gun.... And he thought Page was going to kill him.
"I was scared. I just kept hitting with the bat."
"He fell down on the floor like a leaf fell off of a tree."
When Quick was asked about killing Page for money....
He said “I am Catholic. I don't believe in that stuff."
Quick says he admitted to police that he killed Page because,” That’s a hell of a thing on your conscience."
But a debate continued in court as to whether or not Quick killed page over money.
District Attorney Jack Daneri highlighted that Quick's finances were in a state of disarray....
He owed several people money and was even late on bills.
Also in court today, graphic images were on display....
Family and friends tearfully looked on, as Forensic Pathologist Doctor Eric Vey testified.
He showed images from Page's autopsy and highlighted each and every blow and laceration on Page's body....
Vey told Judge John Garhart Quick hit Page at least six times in the head with a baseball bat.
Vey said the death blow was caused by a swift hit to the right side of the head which caused severe swelling.
If quick is convicted of first degree murder he will face a life sentence....
A character witness is scheduled to testify at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow for the defense.
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