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Dahlkemper Announces Staff

The County Executive-Elect announced her administration this afternoon.

County Executive Elect Kathy Dahlkemper announced her staffing plans for her administration this afternoon. After a careful review of all the departments by her transition team and numerous interviews with the various Directors by both the transition team and Dahlkemper herself, she has put together a team that will help move the county forward. “By and large the county employees we’ve talked with are good people, highly qualified and believe in Erie. I see no reason to make change for the sake of change. Where possible we kept staff who share my agenda and are a good fit for my administration”, said Dahlkemper. The County Executive has various positions that are direct appointees. The majority of those Directors/Leaders are being retained. Below is a list of new appointments, retained positions and those yet to be filled:County Solicitor: Attorney Marcia Haller. “I’m thrilled to appoint Marcy to my team. She is a highly respected attorney and will serve the community well, said Dahlkemper.” Haller recently announced her retirement as a partner in the law firm of MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton. She is a litigator who handles matters in state and federal courts. Additionally, has been appointed to serve as an arbitrator, mediator and neutral evaluator for cases filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Finance Director: James Sparber. Sparber has served as the county Finance Director since 2007.Personnel Director: Peter Callan. Callan served as Personnel Director from 2002-2006 in the Schenker administration and has currently been serving in the role since 2010. Public Defender: Patricia Kennedy. Kennedy has worked with the county since 1996 where she began as a temporary law clerk, holding several other positions in the District Attorney’s office and most recently as Public Defender since 2011.Planning Director: Jake Welsh. Welsh has worked with the county since 1992 and as Planning Director since 2006.Library Director: Mary Rennie. Rennie has worked for the library system since 1982 moving from Clerk to Director in 2013.Prison Warden: Kevin Sutter. Sutter has served as Warden since 2013Executive Assistant: Anne Rahner. Rahner served as Dahlkemper’s executive assistant and scheduler of her Congressional district office and will join her in a similar role in the executive’s office. Public Safety Director: John Grappy. Grappy will serve as Interim Director while a full search is conducted. Grappy has worked in public safety since 1993 and served as Interim Director previously (2009).Human Services Director: John DiMattio. John currently serves as the Director of the Drug & Alcohol office. He has worked with the county since 1999. Dahlkemper added, “John brings a great deal of experience to the job and shares my vision of working with our partners in the private sector to ensure our citizens have access to the care they need.” Health Department: Vacant. With the resignation of Andy Glass this position will be left vacant and a search conducted. Director of Administration: Vacant. Will remain open until a qualified candidate is found. “I feel very strongly that this position warrants the time necessary to find the right person who offers a skill set that comprises leadership, business and government expertise. I do not believe this should simply be a political appointment, but to move our county forward we need to hire the right person.” According to Dahlkemper, “I feel good about the team we will have in place. We are ready to hit the ground running in January. All share my vision to create a model government, move Erie forward economically and create a vibrant place to raise a family.”
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