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Overcoming Voter Apathy in Erie County

After depressing numbers at the polls during the May primary, political experts say education is important in getting more people out to the polls.
October 28, 2013 - Believe it or not, Election Day 2013 is just a week away.

Here in Erie County, the spotlight is on the local races, which historically suggests that voter turnout may be lower than it should be. This past May, only 26% of Erie County voters cast their vote during the primary.

"There aren't those big, sort of sexy, political elections that draw people to the polls and get them more interested in all the races," said Dr. Michael Federici, political science professor at Mercyhurst University.

On Monday evening, Federici hosted a debate/forum for judicial candidates Bob Sambroak and Bill Kelly Jr.

Federici said these kinds of forums are important in helping to educate the public about the candidates and issues at stake this election, and he stressed that voting in local elections is very important in having a say in your community.
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