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"Poppins Plague" Doesn't Affect Showtimes

The curtain closes this weekend on the Erie Playhouse production of Mary Poppins.
January 3, 2014 - The curtain closes this weekend on the Erie Playhouse's production of Mary Poppins, one of the most popular shows to ever hit the stage. But a spoonful of sugar was definitely in order to keep this show going. The Erie Playhouse's Producing Director, Richard Davis says this rare five week run of Mary Poppins was a great way to finish out 2013. They took a risk scheduling that many performances of Disney’s & Cameron Mackintosh's Poppins because they knew the show was widely favored and should be appealing to the Erie community, and they were right. While everyone was putting on a great show on the stage behind-the-scenes what they are calling the “Poppins Plague” was making its way through the entire cast and crew.
"I don't think the audience would have ever known. Everyone is a consummate professional here through and through and the shows were still I think great even though there were things going backstage nobody needed to see, but we are all healthy now and ready for our last weekend of shows," laughed Kate Murosky who portrayed Mary Poppins on stage.
The last weekend of shows includes an added performance on Saturday night - which is sold out.
As for the playhouse season, they run September through August so you can expect more hit shows in 2014 including Jesus Christ Superstar, Young Frankenstein, and the Great Gatsby
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