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Rebecca Andrews

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Rebecca Andrews of Fairview Middle School was nominated by Amy Matczak and Emily Hazlett. Amy and Emily write: The best teacher we have ever learned from has to be Mrs. Andrew, a fifth grade reading teacher at Fairview Middle School. Although we have advanced to the sixth grade, Mrs. Andrews will always be our favorite teacher and has always been. Every day before our first class we go to visit her, because its the least we can do since she has been such a great teacher to us. Back when we were in fifth grade, we had a lot of fun in reading. Mrs. Andrews always contributed to the classs well being. During a regular class period, Mrs. Andrews would always encourage us to read, while putting some fun into it. For all the things she has done for us we are more than willing to give her a helping hand. Now, we feel that it is our responsibility to give back what she gave to us. If youre wondering exactly why Mrs. Andrews should win this award, we have many reasons. First, Mrs. Andrews always has her arms open for anyone who needs help or guidance with their work. Second, Mrs. Andrews is kind and caring about you and your success. Third, Mrs. Andrews made sure that we understood all of our schoolwork, and always included a challenge. Mrs. Andrews enriched our spelling by creating a word list called "Spelling Demons" that challenged us with words that would help us in further essays. To help us understand the words better, Mrs. Andrews gave something called : Three times Each", where we really had to practice our words. The result was much better grades on spelling and greatly increased our vocabulary. Also, Mrs. Andres would arrange for our class to read a group book. This helped us in case we didnt understand the story, and also helped us stay together. Mrs. Andrews even made a packet for every group book so we could remember everything we read. The packets really helped us in the books tests so we could study off of it instead of re-reading the whole book. These are just a few of the reasons why Mrs. Andrews is worthy of the Golden Apple Award (there are so many reasons that we couldnt write them all down!). Still today, in the free time that we have, we dedicate all of that time to helping Mrs. Andrews. Our day MUST begin with a visit to her classroom, because if we dont, the day just doesnt start out right. Even at the end of the day, we try our best to pay Mrs. Andrews a visit. So make our day the best, and present Mrs. Andrews with the honor of the Golden Apple Award (PLEASE!).
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