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Sharon Tigers Take on Girard in Remembrance of Teammates

Tigers fall to Girard, 22-19, in playoff game that was postponed due to the deaths of two of their teammates.
November 11, 2013 - More than 100 students and community members from Sharon, Pennsylvania made the trip to Erie Monday night to see the Tigers take on the Girard Yellow Jackets for a playoff game with a special meaning.

On friday , 18 year old Corey Swartz and 17 year old Evan Gill died in a head-on collision.

Two other players, Craig and Greg Osmon were also injured in the crash, and the driver of the other car died as well.

Sharon community members say these past few days have been overwhelming and full of emotion, but say that the outpour of support has been helping them deal with this tragedy and that playing tonight helps their teammates memories live on.

The Tigers fell to the Yellow Jackets, 22-19.

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