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Should Harborcreek Twp Have Its Own Police Dept?

Its a question that surfaces every few years.
It's been talked about in Harborcreek for years. Should the township have its own police department or continue to be patrolled by state police?

For years, state police out of the Lawrence Park barracks have been the primary law enforcement agency for Harborcreek Township.

But some are asking why doesn't Harborcreek have its own police department?
Harborcreek Township Supervisors got the result of a survey taken 2 weeks ago that asked residents if they think the township should hire their own police force, and also asked if residents were satisfied with state police as the primary law enforcement.

Harborcreek Supervisor Joe Peck is in charge of public safety. He says 75% of residents responding to the survey said they are satisfied with state police coverage and supervisors have no plans in the near future of forming a police department for the Township

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