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Storing your Leftovers

After this Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to store those leftovers properly
After the Thanksgiving feast, chances are there will be plenty of leftovers. Making sure you store them properly is important if you plan to eat them again. Properly refrigerating or freezing your leftovers will prevent bacteria growth. Large quantities should be divided into smaller portions and stored in several small or shallow covered containers. And there is only a small window to get all this food into refrigeration So after dinner, make sure the clean up comes before the nap. Curt Oakes, Culinary Arts Instructor with the Erie County VoTech School says, “The general rule of thumb is two hours your turkey for instance or any perishable items can sit out for two hours, then after two hours it should be refrigerated.” Also if you have stuffing in your turkey, experts say to remove that stuffing and store it separately.
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