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Tall Ships are Sailing into Erie

10 tall ships will head to the Bay for Tall Ships Erie

        Tall Ships Erie is sailing into town this weekend. Boats are expected to arrive in Erie Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon. A tenth ship, the Hindu from Massachusetts will join the Tall Ships Erie fleet. From Georgia to Ontario and even a ship sailing over from Norway the bay will be full this weekend.

Those ships will be available for the public to tour or to go on day-sails. 6 ships came in for the event in 2010, this year 4 more have been added. The event will bring a lot into Erie. In 2010 the event brought in 32,000 people, this year officials are expecting over 60 thousand people to the event. The ships setting sail around the bay also bring in a lot of money for the local economy. In the past Visit Erie estimates the event raised 3.2 million dollars, this year they are expecting over 6.5 million. We will have live coverage of the Parade of Sails event beginning on Thursday at 4 PM.

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