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Thanksgiving Day Shopping

Retailers open early on Thanksgiving to bring in the shoppers.
Thanksgiving is the day to eat a bunch of food, visit with family and friends and watch a football game. But for retailers, it’s a day to get shoppers into the stores for some holiday shopping.
They are calling it "Black Thursday" With fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, retailers are getting a jump start. Kmart is typically open on Thanksgiving day but opened earlier this year and will remain open until Friday night.
“A lot of people work and we are open while they are off and so that is what we try to do provide our services to them while they are off. People have to shop and if they work they can't," says Herb Thomas Kmart manager.
The National Retail Federation expects this to be the worst shopping season since 2008. A recent survey shows the average shopper is planning to spend an average of about $738 on gifts - down 2 percent from what they spent last year. But that didn't stop dozens of people from lining up before the sun came up at Kmart on West 26th street Thanksgiving morning.
"I usually don't end up getting anything I’m too late in line so we came at 2:00 this morning after we asked people last year what time they got in line so we got here at that time," Joy Collins of Erie explains.
Shoppers say its not just the sales that bring them back year after year, it's the tradition as well.
"We've always been going out since I was a little girl so I've been continuing with my own kids and now my grandbabies so I feel like I'm missing out if I'm not out here freezing and getting the deals!" Franki Harvey tells JET24.
Here are the hours of other retailers in the area for Thanksgiving day.
After turkey dinner you can swing by Wal-mart and Best Buy - they open doors at 6 p.m.
Macy's, Target, JCpenney and Kohl's are opening tonight at 8 p.m.
Toys R Us opens at 5 p.m
And Old Navy opened at 9 a.m. today... they will then close at 4 p.m. and reopen at 7:pm for the next 29 hours straight.

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