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The Kids Doctor 6/25/13 Preventing dog bites

The Kids Doctor: Preventing dog bites - 6/25/13
June 25th, 2013

Dogs are some of our best friends, but we need to remember that they can be defensive...
Today, Doctor Sue, "The Kid's Doctor," shares some tips on staying safe when mans best friend turns nasty.

They may be man's best friend but they can cause serious injury if you or your child is bitten.

Four and half million people are bitten each year and with the warmer temperatures and dog parks popping up all over the country, the numbers could rise.

Dr. Britney Barton says this is the time of year we see more dog bites because everyone is outside, the weather is warm and were going for walks, pool parties taking our dog to the dog park, so the chance is there.

Who is most vulnerable? Children between the ages 5 and 9 are most likely to suffer with a bite.

Dr. Barton added they're automatically drawn to them, so of course they're going to go flying up to an animal whether they know them or not and that's why it's important to educate those children on appropriate dog etiquette.

To prevent dog bites:
-Teach your kids to stay away from dogs they don't know.
-Don't play with a dog that's eating.
-Always approach a dog slowly, and give the dog a chance to approach you.
-If a dog becomes aggressive, do not run away, try to stay calm and call for help.

You can provide first aid to your child, but I would recommend you see your pediatrician immediately, especially if you cant stop the bleeding or the bite area becomes infected.

If you don't know the dog that bit your child, make sure you report the bite to your local animal control office or police.

For that and more of Doctor Sue's tips, just log on to our website, yourerie.com.
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