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Time & Temperature Number Reaches A Million Calls

The 452-6311 number has been back in operation for less than a year and a half.
It was back in October of 2008 that the time and temperature number was discontinued after more than 50 years in service. The number gave you the exact time and outside temperature.

Erie resident Pat Jones bought the number in October of 2010 and much to the delight of the general public, made the time and temperature available once again 24/7.

In less than a year and a half, over a million calls have come in to that number, and the calls show no signs of letting up. Jones said even when he was first testing the number, hundreds of calls were coming in, even after being disconnected for nearly 2 years.

The JET 24 team of meteorologists also got involved by making available a full weather forecast to the callers who call the time and temperature line.
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