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WEEK OF THANKS: Brittany Grimm

Brittany Grimm, 18, is alive today thanks to an organ donor.
NOVEMBER 28, 2013 - An energetic high school senior hasn't lived the life of a typical teen.

Brittany Grimm, 18, is alive today thanks to an organ donor.

"I ended up having to wait in the hospital for two weeks and it was really fast, that's normally not the time for a heart transplant," Grimm said.

At 9-years-old, doctors diagnosed Brittany with restrictive cardiomyopathy.

A chest x-ray following pneumonia showed Brittany's heart was enlarged and unable to pump blood.

Her organ donor was a 30-year-old man who died from a massive seizure.

At a young age it was hard for Brittany to understand the significance of an organ donor, but she now realizes.

"When I was 9 I didn't think somebody's going to have to die for me to receive a heart transplant,” she said. “And I want to live the legacy of my donor. I want to make them happy and the family proud even though I don't know who my donor is."

Brittany turned her thankful attitude into volunteering and spreading the word about organ donation.

She actively volunteers for CORE -- the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

Although Brittany is doing well now, it wasn't an easy process for her mother colleen.

Colleen is not just thankful this thanksgiving, but every day for the donor who saved her daughter's life.

Brittany has the same gratitude and thankful spirit to the mysterious donor who saved her life.
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