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Woman Battles Cancer, Inspires Loved Ones

October is breast cancer awareness month, and as one woman prepares for her first session of chemotherapy, she continually inspires her loved ones.
October 1, 2013 - When you see her vibrant smile, it's hard to believe Julie Hersch is battling cancer.
"I didn't expect to have it (cancer) because we didn't have a history of it in our family," said Hersch.

The 40-something mom of two was diagnosed on June 14th with stage one breast cancer. She's already had a double mastectomy but since her tumors were invasive, next up is five months of chemotherapy.

"I have a higher risk of having cancer travel through my bloodstream so that is why I'm doing chemotherapy, so the chemotherapy is to help me have a better chance of being a survivor," said Hersch.

Her attitude, though, is upbeat. She's even already donning pink highlights to raise awareness about breast cancer and beginning to chop off her hair since she knows she'll lose it during chemo.

It's been a life-changing time for Hersch, but even though she says it sounds odd, she says she's grateful for this eye-opening experience in her life.

"If I didn't have cancer, I don't know if I would take each day the way I'm taking it now because I do live my life to the fullest each and everyday,” said Hersch.

And as she and her loved ones gathered together on the eve of her first day of chemo, it's clear to see they inspire Hersch to beat cancer as much as she inspires them to have a brighter outlook on life, no matter the adversity.

"She continues to inspire us all," said friend and cancer survivor, Bernadette Catrabone.

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